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Welcome to the B-G.L.A.D website!
We’re a non-profit organization aimed at supporting the fight against discrimination and defamation, and supporting the advocacy towards LGBTI equality in Barbados.

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Barbados – Gays, Lesbians and All-Sexuals against Discrimination (B-G.L.A.D.) is a Community Based, non-profit, organisation which strives to be a voice for all non-heteronormative gender and sexual minorities within Barbados, who face persecution, discrimination and violations to their human rights on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity. B-G.L.A.D. functions with a large awareness of the intersectionality of various types of oppression which gender and sexual minorities in Barbados face because of their multidimensional realities (inclusive of but not excluded to race, class, gender, age, access to resources etc.) and in its social justice movement, aims to address some of these specific needs through education, the creation a safe space and expressive platform for empowerment.


  • Fostering community strengthening by the cultivation of a safe space and forum for LGBTI Barbadians to experience support in light of rampant levels of stigma and discrimination. Safe spaces which serve as an outlet and platform for creative expression, confidential counselling and forming peer bonds, among other necessary resources.
  • Being an organisation that offers cost-free and structured sexual health resources that members of the LGBTI population require, but often have limited access to because of the stigma attached to sexual and gender minorities within Barbados and the wider Caribbean. This is inclusive of condoms, personal lubricants, dental dams, latex gloves and access to critical literature, education and information pertinent to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections; with many members of the LGBTI community belonging to key populations at risk for contracting HIV/AIDS. This is also vital due to the fact that sexual health education that is specific to members of the MSM, community, Lesbians, Bisexual women and Transgender people, is not readily and openly available in spaces which discuss safe sexual behaviour and practices.
  • Being a resource base for LGBTI people in Barbados, where they can receive referrals to safe service providers within the country; done with the cultivation of a pool of Queer-friendly operational service providers, systematically structured into a directory-like database for referral upon request by members of the LGBTI population.
  • Existing as an organisation which creates structured programs for the benefit of LGBTI Barbadians, based on the most pressing and recurrent problems and issues faced within the community; with a specific focus on our youth. These issues are inclusive of, but not limited to Unemployment, Economic Instability, Homelessness, Threat of Violations to Physical Safety, Familial Abandonment, Mental Health Issues, Lack of Access to Healthcare, and engaging in Sex Work unsafely.
  • To be an organisational voice who speaks out on behalf of and advocates for the equality of the LGBTI population of Barbados. This means highlighting the injustice, persecution and inequality which plague LGBTI people, daily but go unaddressed. Addressing and highlighting these issues in public spaces and forums create public discourse on the topic and contribute to the equality movement by increasing visibility.
  • Contributing to the eradication of stigma and discrimination of LGBTI people on legislative, institutional, economic, social and domestic levels by engaging in public education to address the ignorance and negative misconceptions surrounding gender and sexual minorities in Barbados and contribute to homophobia and transphobia. As well as, engaging in constructive dialogue with political entities to address and eventually reconstruct policy and legislation which is homophobic and fails to protect the citizens of the country, equally.
  • Contributing to the diversification of the LGBTI advocacy space within Barbados, which has been continuously heavily dominated by homosexual males. This perpetuates the eradication and erasure of the identities of all other gender and sexual minorities including lesbians, bisexual women and trans* women. B-G.L.A.D. addresses this by fostering queer women’s leadership.
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